What do I do if a client is afraid to go into trance?

If a client is afraid to be hypnotized i.e. the client can open their eyes. Your brilliant mind will believe what you tell it and now we are going to tell it really good stuff.

What will happen if I feel reluctant to go into trance/relaxed state or seems like I am to actively resist?

Don’t worry I will give you a relaxation recording. Just you need to listen to it for two weeks and then come back. You could talk to me about what you might be fearful of/ anxious about in order to deal with that first.


What happens if I may giggle during a session?

Giggling is just a release of tension when clients giggle or laugh just tell them the more you laugh the deeper you go into hypnosis.

How long is the session?

Between one hour and two hours approximately. I recommend to take your time and dedicate that time just for you, avoid distractions for an effective result.

How does the session is going to be performed?

It could be in person or via zoom. It will depend on the circumstance.


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