Yamari Ovalles, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and transformation life coach. Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy (RTT)
From a struggling single mom on Anxiety and depression to a Healthy Transformational  RTT Therapist. Yamari’s courage and determination have inspired women worldwide and help them to breakthrough, discover their own talents, confidence, and limitless potential to live a fulfilling life.
Yamari providing a clear, fast, and permanent blueprint for healing, love, and success, based directly on life experiences.  
Yamari’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from Anxiety, Depression, and IBS  to healed and healthy woman is the inspiration behind her bold mission to help others and teach them that it is possible to overcome any issue.

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More About Me

In 2012, I took the best decision in my life.

I went from struggle to struggle; my life was upside down as I was going through a divorce due to Domestic Violence in my marriage. I have anxiety and depression, and I was no alone, I have a little one who was diagnosed with ADS.

No money, No job, and No place to go.

I was broken and broke. That winter, I remember I took few things with me; my daughter and my dignity, and without no knowing where to go, tears in my eyes, and a 5-year-old little soul, I went out of that house to start a new life. Did I was depressed? Yes, I was. But something greater than myself was telling me ‘’Now’’ ‘’Do it, now’’ so I dis to protect myself and my daughter.

We were living in different friends’ houses and one night my little one asked me ‘’When we are going home’’ and with tears in my eyes I said, ‘’ Don’t worry my love, Mommy is going to sort out this situation’’ ‘’ We deserve a better life’’.

Having anxiety and depression is not just being nervous as many people think. I was afraid and I didn’t have power but just with the thought that nothing worse could happen to us, I was determined to heal and provide a better life to my daughter.

I used to take medication that didn’t work, used to go from councilor to councilor which I never connect and make me feel hopeless, and more anxious as I couldn’t see any improvement. I thought is this situation going to be forever.

On my research and desperation, I when to healers, coaching,  courses to learn how to manage my anxiety and depression but non of those when to the root cause of it till finally, I found a therapist who changes my life forever. 

I was so excited about my own healing that I promise to myself to become a therapist and help 1000 women who have been anxious and depressed to recover her life, confidence, and self-esteem.

What I lived; I don’t wish to anyone in this world.

I am glad to be my own testimony of healing and health, now I live a life with purpose.

I hope the divine guidance in you leads you to find the connection and love you deserve.

You are not alone!!!  If I overcame and healed from Anxiety and Depression you can do it too.

Together we can heal for good.


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